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Have you ever considered the impact of personal behaviours on the success of an organisation? Our mission is to break down the barriers to effective communication, and build up the key personal skills that enable people to work productively together. So that you can enjoy more profitable conversations.

How We Do It

5th Wall designs and delivers a range of fun and dynamic learning and development programmes, which we deliver in our unique online training room. We work closely with you to produce a learning experience that is engaging, fast-paced and relevant to you, at the same time delivering real sustained change and returns on investment.

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5th Wall Online Wins York Press Business Awards 2015 for Best Business and Higher Education Link

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  • PERSONAL RESILIENCE Part 2 The Challenge : Managing Yourself

    The Challenge: Managing Yourself If you’ve read the first article in this mini-series, you’ll know that self-management doesn’t mean pushing yourself to do more than you can. Just as you would try to create the optimum conditions for your team to succeed, it’s worth thinking about the things y…

  • PERSONAL RESILIENCE Part 1 Help Others by Helping Yourself

    There’s a lot of self-help literature out there about how helping others is actually a good way to help yourself. One of our favourite mantras at 5th Wall – one that is often forgotten in the workplace – works the other way around: ‘Doing the best by yourself in order that you can do your best…

Why 5th Wall?

The term 'fifth wall' comes from the world of theatre, and is about breaking the invisible wall between stage and audience.

With 5th Wall Online, that’s exactly what we’re doing – from dissolving the invisible wall of the computer screen to enable learning, to breaking down the communication barriers between colleagues. That’s why we’re proud to call ourselves 5th Wall. 

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