How To Have Difficult Conversations

How To Have Difficult Conversations

Workplace conflict is costing British businesses £33 billion per year

(Source: Confederation of British Industry)

This course addresses one of the hardest - and most common - challenges faced in the workplace, by developing your ability and confidence to manage conflicts and engage in difficult conversations at work. Using 5th Wall’s fun and engaging learning style, How to Have a Difficult Conversation highlights the importance of nipping problems in the bud, and explores techniques to help you do this.  

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Learning how to interpret people’s responses to sensitive feedback, and the psychology behind them
  • How to make effective decisions to help reach a positive result when faced with a difficult situation
  • Exploring approaches to delivering difficult messages and preventing conversations from escalating, as well as the behaviours involved in emotionally managing the situation
  • Using HR processes to support difficult conversations with people

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