• 6 Resources That Will Make You A Better Leader

    6 Resources That Will Make You A Better Leader

    Believe it or not, 5th Wall isn’t the only source of workplace wisdom out there. But whether you’re looking for free legal advice or a way to bring some calm into your routine, it can be hard to find a reliable source that’s also not going to make your brain hurt after a long day in the office. So, we’ve decided to bring together some of our favourite workplace-related blogs – ones that both offer unique and useful insights, and do so in a way that’s still engaging. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do…


    Dianne Gottsman – It turns out ‘etiquette’ isn’t just something that you come across in costume dramas. Dianne Gottsman’sblog covers all aspects of what she calls modern etiquette, with plenty of articles focusing on the workplace. Etiquette here basically refers to behaviour – so you can see why we like Gottsman’s approach to maximising productivity. Our favourites include characteristics of likeable employeestraits that employees value in a great boss, or organise your life: 8 planning tips and tools.

    Fieldfisher – this handy blog by a UK law firm has insights on practically anything that might concern you about the legal side of being an employer.  It includes the details of legal decisions – for example the debate over employers reading private emails of their staff, or whether travel time should be counted as working time – but also highlights the key points for those of you who don’t care so much for the ins-and-outs. 

    Personnel Today – the CIPD’s official online magazine, and an excellent source of leadership and management advice as well as HR news. Other parts of the CIPD resources are by subscription only, but Personnel Today supplies all sorts of workplace wisdom for free. You can even find 5th Wall published on their website – a sure sign of good quality, right?

    Unum—this business insurer produces an accessible but insightful blog with a range of advice, including app recommendationsinfographics and general workplace tips. Our current favourite is this article on the cost-efficiency of certain HR investments. 

    Oliver Burkeman – a blog that focuses more on general wellness than HR or the workplace specifically. That said, many of the posts focus on practical applications of ‘self-help’ techniques at work, and Burkeman does a great job of debunking common ‘wellness’ myths. Our favourites include ‘Tell the Boss: let me work less, and I’ll get more done’, or maybe ‘The art of strategic incompetence’. 

    HR Magazine – OK, so if you’re reading our blog, chances are you’re already aware of the huge amount of resources available in the online magazine – but we still thought it was worth a mention. HR news, advice and comment, all updated daily – add it to your favourites if you haven’t already.

    Where do you turn for workplace tips? Share your recommendations below!