• Time for Some Bubbly - 5th Wall at the York Press Business Awards

    Time for Some Bubbly - 5th Wall at the York Press Business Awards

    November was a big month for the 5th Wall team. Not only did we launch our new online platform; we had the honour of winning the York Press Business Award for Best Business and Higher Education Link.

    It’s appropriate that these two things happened at the same time, because without our university partnerships 5th Wall Online wouldn’t have come into being. The launch of this unique product is thanks to the hard work of teams at York St John University and the University of Hull, and more recently the efforts of interns from the University of York. As a result, we are now able to reproduce the real-time interaction and dynamism of the training room in a digital setting. So you can benefit from more profitable conversations, without leaving the comfort of your desk.

    The award judges noted that what was impressive about our entry was the fact that, in partnering with universities to develop a unique new online tool, we were taking a calculated but nonetheless real risk. For us, it’s been a risk worth taking. 5th Wall’s experience in the Learning and Development sector has taught us that it’s high time a training company was able to transfer the dynamism and interactivity of the training room into an online learning environment.

    Patrick Holtby, our founder, had had this idea many times – but it wasn’t until York Business Week in 2013 that he realised the support that was available. With support from the Yorkshire Innovation Fund, he was able to team up with computer science academics at York St John University to create a blueprint of what was to become 5th Wall Online. It was the task of Dr Darren Mundy and his team at the University of Hull to make this blueprint into something more real.

    Since May, the 5th Wall team has grown to include interns from the University of York, recruited through the Student Internship Bureau, who have worked to complete 5th Wall online and its accompanying features, and to bring it to market.*

    We couldn’t be more persuaded of the benefits to business of collaboration with higher education institutions. But that didn’t mean we expected to win an award for it – and we’d like to congratulate our fellow finalists, Apatmer Group, The New School House Gallery. Judging by the sparkling affair that was the 25th Anniversary Press Awards dinner, being shortlisted alone was no small feat.

    Now, as we look to the start of 2016, we’re excited to see where the product of our university collaboration will take us next.

    What would you create if you had the resources of an entire University at your fingertips? 

    *To see how 5th Wall Online can benefit your business, or to get in touch about arranging a session, visit 5thwall.co.uk. Please note that the launch of this product has generated a large amount of interest; to avoid disappointment, we recommend you contact us before we become fully booked.