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  • Need to Attract Talent and Boost Productivity? Try Being More Flexible

    by Patrick HoltbyFlexible working is a trend that’s here to stay. But what are the implications of increasing demands from the workforce for more flexible employment? And how can organisations harness these changes to increase productivity? It is estimated that by 2025 almost 38% of the wor…

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  • When is ‘Nudge’ a push in the wrong direction?

    You might not have noticed, but you’re being manipulated. At least, if ‘nudge’ policies– encouraging behaviours indirectly, rather than by instruction, legislation or enforcement - are all they’re cracked up to be, you won’t have noticed them at all. But maybe you’ve noticed a near-imperceptible ch…

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  • Feelings or Thoughts = Actions?

    On a recent holiday I had a negative customer service experience. The inconsistent customer care of the companies with whom I was interacting got me thinking about the different things that lead us to act or not act; specifically, thoughts versus feelings. This distinction is highlighted in…

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