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  • Is online learning second best?

    Two years ago, the number of mobile devices and connections surpassed the number of people on the planet. Eight new people start using the internet every second. On average, 3,278,688,524 Google searches are made every day. It’s surprising, then, that although 77% of European bosses expect to bec…

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  • Skills in Focus: Performance Reviews

    How many of us could honestly say that we have really felt the benefits of an annual performance review? If you’re struggling to find an example of a productive review, you’re not alone: 58% of companies say that such practices are not effective, and 8% admit that they are a total waste of time.…

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  • Skills in Focus: Putting Others First in Negotiation

    The route to a successful negotiation can seem counterintuitive; often, it’s more important to be aware of what the other party wants to accomplish, rather than focusing on your own goals. Take the example of the orange.At Harvard Business School, a key negotiation exercise involves pairing the stud…

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