5th Wall: A Blended Approach

Make It Stick

5th Wall is the only place where you can follow up the skills developed in a training room with shorter, digitally accessible modules.

“I’ve learnt a lot of things about myself today and how I can do things differently back at work. A follow up in say three months would really help to keep me on track”.

- 5th Wall Patricipant

Feedback from people who’ve taken part in our courses is always telling us that the training would have been even more effective if there had been an opportunity follow up. The best way to achieve sustained results is through multiple sessions over time - but a second away-day isn’t always feasible. 

That’s why we now provide the 5th Wall Blended approach: the ideal route towards continued personal development and business growth. 

Following up a training-room experience with bitesize online modules not only refreshes the knowledge gained in the first sessions; it enables you and your team to share your experiences since the training room in a safe space, allowing you to recreate real life situations and unpick them with the support of the group and the facilitator. 

With the blended approach you’ll also benefit from the support systems built into in 5th Wall's virtual training interface, including support for further feedback sessions and an ongoing discussion forum. Scroll down through the 5th Wall online flowchart to see exactly what this involves. 

Why leave the training room when you can take it with you? 

Take a look

  • Registration made easy

    1. 5th Wall Online makes registration to online modules and training invitations even easier, making sure you are in the right place at the right time.

  • We communicate with you

    2. 5th Wall Online enables us to communicate directly with you to help you prepare and get the best our of your training. This also means that pre- and post-training discussion can be initiated between your teams.

  • Personalised Goal Setting

    3. You are able to let us know what you specifically want to get out of the session which enables us to tailor the session accordingly.

  • Interactive Learning

    4. The online session enables live, facilitator-led discussion. We'll use a variety of media, including flip-chart work, relevant videos, and the opportunity for you to practise and demonstrate the skills. The only thing missing is the travel costs.

  • Bitesize Sessions

    5. 5th Wall Online works best as a series of 90-minute sessions for high-impact training to fit around your busy schedule.

  • Enabling Group Participation

    6. Unlike most e-learning packages, 5th Wall Online is a truly collaborative learning experience (you can read about the benefits of a group learning environment here).

  • Consolidation and Reflection

    7. Before the session closes, you will be asked to think about how you can use what you've learnt back at work.

  • Feedback to Managers

    8. Immediately after the session, we'll send out a reminder to your Line Manager to remind them to meet you to review the learning and discuss what support you need to apply changes back at work.

  • Continued Learning

    9. After the online session you will be automatically enrolled into an online forum, encouraging the exchange of best practice. The facilitator will also use this forum to provide continued support.

  • Further Evaluation

    10. We facilitate sustained learning by communicating with all members of the team three months and six months after the training. Messages from us encourages you to take a step back and discuss the longer-term impact of the learning, including areas where work is still needed. This enables you to multiply the benefits of that single learning experience.

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