Meet the Collaborators

At 5th Wall, we share the core belief in breaking down barriers to unlock personal and business growth. When you sign up to the 5th Wall experience, we’ll be working closely with you to design a course from scratch that meets your exact needs, and produces durable, positive changes for your people and your organisation. So have a browse below to find out who you could be working with at 5th Wall - or simply get in touch to get to know us better.

The Collaborators

  • Patrick Holtby

    “I started my career in the hospitality industry, but I soon realised that my real interests lie in Learning and Development - that is, in people. I have worked extensively within transport, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in hospitality, designing and delivering challenging, dynamic and company-specific training; my specialities include key skills such as personal effectiveness, customer service, handling conflict, and leadership and management development. I work to develop real, trust-based relationships with clients, building their confidence in a supportive training room, and truly believe that providing participants with the opportunity to put their new skills into practice during training is what enables them to apply the techniques back in the workplace.”

  • Rina Mahoney

    “I’m an actor who is passionate about using my skills for teaching - in fact, for nearly 25 years I’ve been working with learning and development companies around the world. My experience has taught me a lot. For example, how to provide constructive feedback that’s evidence based, so that it actually helps the learner. I feel that my job is done when someone walks out of a session not only recognising what they already do well, but with a specific sense of the actions they can take to improve their communication skills, get the most out of their colleagues, and ultimately enrich their professional life.“

  • Thomas Frere

    Thomas Frere

    ”We all have the ability to deliver our messages confidently. I thoroughly enjoy supporting people and seeing them go from being nervous or self-conscious into assured communicators and confident speakers. These skills are inherent in everybody - I just love bringing them out. I have been a professional actor and voice coach for 25 years, using roleplay and confidence building techniques to support all aspects of face-to-face communication, from body language to choice of language.”

  • Adrian Dakers

    Adrian Dakers

    ”I’ve worked as an actor in the business sector for over five years. My focus is on participants’ learning and development, not Oscar-winning performances: I aim to make fictional characters as real as possible to provide a solid platform for developing new skills. One of the things that enthuses me about drama is its ability to positively shape people’s lives - I love to see a group member try a new approach to a situation and, even when it takes a bit of practice, consolidate a new skill.”

  • Sarah Richardson

    Sarah Richardson

    "My interest lies in writing and communication. At 5th Wall, that means communicating with you, the client, or anyone seeking advice about improving their organisation. My role is to engage with current concerns in the world of work; I’m always thinking about what 5th Wall can contribute to the conversation. Working at 5th Wall I also get to use my initiative and creativity to support widespread learning, and innovations in the way that learning is delivered. I love working for a company that practices what it preaches by looking after its people; that’s what makes me want to take ownership of what I do.".